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7 Automotive Social Media Content Ideas

People buy cars roughly every 6-8 years. During the time in between, auto dealerships do all they can to engage consumers and get them thinking about the cars that they sell. Social media is a wonderful tool for the automotive industry because it keeps prospects connected with dealerships and feeds them a steady stream of marketing until they’re ready to start car shopping. Here are some content ideas to make your automotive social media strategy engaging and effective:

Customer/Vehicle Photos

This is one of the most common automotive industry social media posts, but for good reason. When someone purchases a vehicle from your dealership, make sure to snap a pic of them smiling next to the vehicle to post on social media. People love to show off their new vehicles and they are very likely to share the photo with their own followers, causing a wave of jealousy that could very well send more prospects to your dealership. Always be sure to ask for permission to post their photo before you do!

Car Features Videos

Many people like the look of a car, but don’t know anything about its practical features until they come to a dealership. If your newer vehicles have state-of-the-art features that would make for a cool visual demonstration, make videos for social media! Show how the back-up camera works, how a convertible top goes up and down, or how to use bluetooth or navigation features. Talk about the features that you think your followers would really care about and avoid getting into technical specs that only gear-heads would understand.

Pop Culture Flashback

Your social media pages need a healthy dose of fun and entertainment to keep your followers interested. One post that gets people engaged is to post a still-frame or screenshot from a popular movie, TV show, music video, etc. that features a vehicle made by the brand your dealership sells. In the caption, ask followers if they know where the still-frame came from. For example, if you were a Mini Cooper dealer, you could post a still from “The Italian Job” or if you were a Ford dealer, you could post a still of the Falcon Coupe from “Mad Max”. These kinds of posts are nostalgic, get people talking, and get people thinking about cars they’ve always wanted since they saw them on the big screen.

Charity Contest

Contests are a great way to build up your social media following and get more potential customers looking at your content. People love to work with businesses that do the right thing, so charity contests are a great way to show people that you care about more than selling cars. Post a short description with a link to your favorite local charity and tell your followers that you’ll donate $5 or $10 for every new follower you get within a certain time period. Your followers will share it with their friends and you’ll wind up getting loads of new followers and helping your community at the same time!

Service/Maintenance Video

Now, you might not see your service department as video star material, but showcasing that part of your business on social media can actually do a lot to keep your current customers coming back for regular maintenance rather than choosing competitors. Most car owners really don’t know much about taking care of their vehicles. So, let your service department give a video tutorial on maintenance tips. Even if it’s just a 10 second clip of someone reminding followers to come in every (X) miles for an oil change, it might remind a handful of followers to check that off their to-do list.

Salespeople Interviews

Salespeople get a bad rap. Especially car salespeople. Give your followers a reason to trust your salespeople by interviewing them on video for social media. Ask them what they love about their job and what they love about the vehicles they sell. These videos will help your followers connect with your business on a more personal level and it will make them more comfortable coming to visit because they already know who’s going to be there.

Top-Picks List

This is a great way to target specific segments of your followers and make vehicle recommendations for them. Think “best 2018 vehicles for growing families” “best starter cars for teenage drivers” “best pickup trucks for workers” “most stylish cars for the young and fashionable” etc. You could also show off your used inventory on a regular basis by posting a list of “5 best used car deals available at XYZ Dealership right now”.

Use these automotive social media post ideas to beef up your social media calendar and get more buyers to your dealership! Thanks for reading, we hope this article was useful and informative. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more updates and marketing tips! If you ever have a marketing-related question or want a comprehensive analysis of your auto dealership marketing strategy, feel free to give us a call at (877) 655-9655. You can also find more information about our services on our website. Get in touch with us and find out how we can help you grow your business!

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