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Fostering Healthy Trees and Relationships

ArborPro, LLC has built a reputation in Ankeny, IA, and the greater Des Moines area since 2011 for its high-quality tree services, which include tree removal, trimming, treatment, stump grinding, and debris hauling. With a deep-seated commitment to excellence and years of experience under their belt, ArborPro ensures every tree task is addressed professionally and tailored to individual needs. Yet, in the bustling digital age, ArborPro felt a need to grow its digital presence, mirroring the growth they championed in trees.


Despite their longstanding presence in Ankeny, IA, and ambition to expand in Des Moines, ArborPro was facing digital visibility challenges. Having invested in another digital marketing agency for years, the returns in terms of rankings and phone calls were underwhelming. Besides, issues with mismatched website imagery, the absence of a coveted photo gallery, and a desire to maintain privacy by removing their address from GBP were creating friction in their online customer experience. Their partnership with HomeAdvisor was costing them, and they felt their online portrayal was not resonating with their strong on-ground reputation. When ArborPro approached Olly Olly, the challenge at hand was clear. It wasn’t just about increasing online visibility; it was a mission to craft a distinctive digital identity for ArborPro.


Our journey began with the development of a state-of-the-art website meticulously designed to echo ArborPro’s dedication to service areas and quality. This pivotal step was complemented by enhancing their local SEO dynamics using tools like Brightlocal, ensuring a formidable digital foundation.
As we navigated this partnership, there was a deliberate shift towards establishing an undeniable online presence realized through rigorous citation submissions, sitemap updates, and an aggressive link-building campaign. This crescendoed into a comprehensive GBP Optimization phase, where a blend of in-depth Competitor Analysis and an enriched Content Strategy ensured ArborPro’s narrative didn’t just stand out but resounded. Finally, as a testament to our commitment to excellence, our team was relentless, pushing boundaries with further link-building efforts and fine-tuning GBP optimizations. The objective? To make ArborPro the preferred click for every potential client.

Branching Out into the Digital Marketing World

Our collaboration with ArborPro, LLC was more than just metrics; it was about planting a seed in the digital world and nurturing it to full growth. The impressive rise in phone calls, website clicks, and GBP actions signifies a story of significant growth. But beyond the numbers, it’s the satisfaction of ArborPro and the increasing testimonials from their customers that illustrate our combined success.
With ArborPro, Olly Olly once again showcases its dedication to transforming businesses’ digital narratives. When dedication meets expertise, businesses don’t just grow; they flourish.

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