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An effective PPC campaign is like . . . a radio ad for roof repair that comes on air right when a hail storm rolls into town. Right place. Right time. Right audience. Converting the right clicks into the leads.

Pay per click (or PPC for short) is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your audience online and convert them into customers. PPC advertising can refer to paid search ads, banner ads, retargeting, along with paid ads on various social media platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and more).

PPC ads bring the right customers to you. Every business has their just right customer. When you partner with us for your PPC ads, we help bring your just right customer to your website or landing page. Just right customers = Quality leads = More revenue.

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Taking a closer look at our
Social Services.

At Olly Olly, we’re here to help build your online presence. And sharing your story on social media is an integral part of that process. Our goal is to differentiate your services, gain your audience’s trust and bring more revenue knocking on your door.

We start by studying your competition, learning the ins n’ outs of your industry, and getting acquainted with your target demographic. With a plan in place, our social media specialists then set you up on your social platform of choice (like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram, just to name a few). Then the real fun starts.

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    Analyzing Your Competition

    Knowing what your competitors are offering and how your services compare will give your ad campaigns the advantage they need. This helps set the foundation & positioning for when it's time to start vying for your audience's attention.

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    Identifying Key Search Words

    We start by researching which specific services your customers are looking for and the exact words they're using in their searches. Comprehensive keyword research will be based on your services offered, location, industry, and more.

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    Creating Refreshing & Effective Ads

    Finding the right words to connect you with your audience is both a science and an art. We work with you to enhance your adds and convert those neighbors search for you into loyal customers.

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    Testing & Comparing Ads

    Pretty adds, alone, won't get you far if they're not data-driven. Conversion is the name of the game here. Testing & comparing (or A/b testing) is all about figuring out which layouts & phrases get you the most clicks. Leads = Customers.

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    Adapting & Overcoming

    We are constantly monitoring & evaluating your ads to make sure you're heading towards your goals, and making adjustments along the way to increase the click-through-rates & overall success of your campaigns.

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    Reporting & Analyzing Your ROI

    With the use of powerful data tracking tools, we translate the most important insights (such as click-through rate, your cost per click in addition to leads and sales generated) into detailed reports so you can stay on top of your ROI.

Door Serve Pro increased phone calls from GMB by 31%

Olly Olly helped Door Serve Pro outrank major sites like Home Advisor and Houzz to grow their search visibility and drive leads.


It differs for each business. But we are here for you every step of the way. We document the results on our end, and we can’t wait to share what we find.

We have a tracker and system in place to help you know when your business is being seen and how often customers visit your website.

Not much. After the initial intake, we create things on our end to set you up. Keep doing great business and get ready for new customers.

There isn’t much you can do to speed things up. But consistency is the key. We want to make sure we keep the PPC in place long enough to see tangible results.

Check with our account managers and they will let you know your options. You can reach them help at:

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