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Case Study for Canyon Fence of Idaho by Olly Olly Digital Marketers

Welcome to the world of Canyon Fence of Idaho, your trusted local fence contractor near Boise, ID. With over two decades of industry experience, this company isn’t just about setting up fences; it’s about ensuring security, privacy, and protection for both homes and businesses. Whether you’re seeking a stylish cedar fence or a durable chain-link option, Canyon Fence of Idaho has the expertise you need. However, despite their commitment to quality and service, they needed a boost in their online presence to match their on-the-ground reputation. That’s where Olly Olly stepped in, offering bespoke SEO and digital marketing services to meet their specific needs.


Canyon Fence of Idaho had an established local reputation but faced challenges in extending that trust to the online world. Their main goal was to improve online visibility and drive more business through their website. They wanted to target local businesses and residents in and around the Boise, Idaho area. Their website lacked both user engagement and search engine optimization, which led them to seek professional help.


Canyon Fence of Idaho chose Olly Olly for their digital marketing needs because of our personalized, innovative approach to SEO. Right off the bat, we revamped their website using the latest SEO practices. Then, we focused on localizing their SEO efforts to the Boise area with tools like Brightlocal. To keep the content fresh and target specific communities, we crafted city-based landing pages and conducted an exhaustive content analysis for tailored recommendations.

We also initiated a strategic link-building campaign to enhance their site’s authority. In addition, frequent content and citation updates were made to ensure ongoing accuracy and relevance, and we enhanced user engagement by adding a comprehensive FAQ page. Throughout this transformative journey, we closely collaborated with Canyon Fence of Idaho to make sure our strategies hit the mark.

Nailing Success One Post at a Time

Olly Olly’s digital marketing strategies have been a game-changer for Canyon Fence of Idaho. Our tailored efforts have significantly elevated their online visibility. Businesses and residents in Boise, ID, now have a reliable name at their fingertips for all fencing needs. When it comes to enhancing your digital presence with authentic, measurable results, Olly Olly has your back.

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