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Introduction: Bridging 34 Years of Experience With Digital Innovation

Diamond State Overhead Door Inc. specializes in offering premium garage door services in Conway, AR, Little Rock, and Russellville. With over 34 years of combined experience, they are dedicated to providing quality and personable service to residential and commercial garage doors. Their commitment to quick response times and attention to detail reflects their passion for making homes beautiful, safe, and functional. However, they faced challenges in expanding their reach and opening a new location. They sought Olly Olly’s expertise to enhance their online presence and emulate their current site for the new location.


As Diamond State Overhead Door Inc. prepared to boldly expand with the opening of a new location in June, the challenge was not merely to replicate but to innovate. They needed a new website and Google Business Profile (GBP) that would seamlessly mirror their current site while resonating with the unique characteristics of the second location. The goal transcended aesthetics; it was about creating compelling content that epitomized their unwavering commitment to quality, service, and affordability.
The challenge was multidimensional: to maintain the look and feel that had come to define them while infusing fresh energy tailored to the new location. An SEO-optimized website was not a desire, but a necessity, to ensure their digital presence was as robust and dependable as the garage doors they install and service. The stakes were high, but the vision was clear, setting the stage for a thrilling journey of creation and optimization.


At Olly Olly, we devised a comprehensive and flexible strategy to meet Diamond State Overhead Door Inc.’s unique needs. The plan began with creating a new website infused with SEO best practices, compelling content, and eye-catching designs. This was followed by rigorous quality control post-go-live and local SEO setup in Brightlocal, along with initial citations submission and content updates. As the plan unfolded, the website domain was updated to align with the brand strategy, and Google’s business profile was optimized for increased visibility. The following months saw the creation of city landing pages, strategic link building, and further optimization of the Google business profile to enhance local reach, all complemented by the client’s involvement in shaping the content and overall aesthetic to mirror the existing site.

Conclusion: From Online Impressions to Lasting Impact

In a digital era where presence equates to power, the synergy between Diamond State Overhead Door Inc. and Olly Olly’s creative minds culminated in a transformation that extended beyond mere numbers. Our collaboration bore fruit as phone calls, website clicks, impressions, and GBP actions skyrocketed, but it was the intangible success that truly marked this venture. The innovative designs, strategic SEO optimization, and captivating content breathed life into the client’s vision, turning virtual visitors into tangible success. This wasn’t just growth; it was a metamorphosis that saw Diamond State Overhead Door Inc. soar to new heights, engaging with their local markets in Conway, AR, Little Rock, and Russellville like never before.
This case study is not merely a testament to Olly Olly’s unwavering commitment to excellence; it is a beacon of what is possible when innovation meets determination. It’s a success story that resonates, inspires, and stands as a shining example of how digital alchemy can forge real results.

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