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E.G.’s Appliance Repair: A Digital Marketing Transformation Tale

E.G.’s Appliance Repair, based in Springfield, IL, is a trusted name in household appliance repair. They offer a range of services including dishwasher, washer, dryer, microwave, oven, stove, and refrigerator repairs. Understanding the urgency of appliance breakdowns, they provide quick and reliable solutions. Faced with the challenge of a basic online presence yielding minimal results, E.G.’s Appliance Repair turned to Olly Olly’s expertise in SEO and website design to enhance their digital footprint and reach more customers in need of their essential services.


E.G.’s Appliance Repair was encountering a common issue: their online presence served merely as a business card, attracting little to no customer engagement. Despite offering quality repair services, they weren’t achieving the desired visibility online. Their goal was to transition from a basic website to a dynamic online platform that could generate direct calls and customer interactions. This shift was crucial for them to effectively reach and serve their target audience. They chose Olly Olly, impressed by our custom website designs and our strategic approach to increasing direct customer calls.


Olly Olly’s digital marketing strategy for E.G.’s Appliance Repair was a multifaceted endeavor, aiming to significantly enhance their online presence. We initiated the campaign by launching a new website, prioritizing user experience and SEO optimization, alongside setting up local SEO reports in Brightlocal for precise monitoring and quality control.

To boost local search visibility, we began submitting initial citations, followed by a strategic optimization of their Google Business Profile to foster better local engagement. Enhancing the website’s content depth and relevance, we added new service pages and created a Frequently Asked Questions page to address customer queries effectively. In a targeted move towards local market penetration, we developed city landing pages. Our efforts culminated with updates to citations, ensuring E.G.’s business information remained accurate and current. This comprehensive blend of SEO, content creation, and local market targeting was instrumental in the success of our campaign.

Summing Up: The Digital Revolution of E.G.’s Appliance Repair

Our partnership with E.G.’s Appliance Repair showcases the transformative power of strategic digital marketing. Through Olly Olly’s dedicated efforts in SEO, website design, and content optimization, we significantly increased their online visibility and customer engagement. This case study underscores our ability to deliver measurable results and substantial growth for our clients in diverse industries.

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