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Taking Favorite Trapper’s Web Presence to the Next Level

Favorite Trapper, a renowned wildlife removal company in Speedway, IN, struggled to effectively reach its potential online market, despite their top-tier services. Their expertise lies in restoring cabins and attics affected by wildlife. However, their online presence didn’t reflect this niche focus, leading to customer confusion and missed opportunities. To address this issue, Favorite Trapper decided to invest in an SEO-optimized website. Their new website, with its clear messaging and eye-catching visuals, quickly became an invaluable tool in boosting their online presence.

The Challenge: Wrestling with an Online Identity Crisis

Their existing website lacked optimization, featuring a generic design and standard content that offered little differentiation in the marketplace. Furthermore, it mistakenly characterized the company as an animal control service rather than its true specialty of wildlife-affected property restoration. This misrepresentation resulted in an influx of irrelevant inquiries and a lack of targeted customer engagement. As a result, their website was not only ineffective but also hurt their business. The company had to act quickly to address these issues and restore its reputation. It was, indeed, the beginning of a wild digital journey!

Our Strategy: Navigating the Digital Wilderness

Embracing the challenge head-on, our team at Olly Olly crafted a tailored action plan designed to clear the brush and pave a trail for Favorite Trapper’s revamped online presence. We redesigned the website for an enhanced user experience and SEO-optimized content that accurately depicts their specialized wildlife control services. We also overhauled the misleading information, ensuring the website content now highlights their unique services in wildlife-affected cabin and attic restoration.
Furthermore, we implemented a robust SEO strategy, optimizing the website for relevant keywords, improving site load speed, and boosting the overall user experience. Using Google Business Profile (GBP) and citation services, we increased Favorite Trapper’s online visibility and credibility, along with the client’s active involvement. Ultimately, it was a great success – We believe even Google was impressed by our efforts!

Supercharging Success

Our strategic intervention marked a turnaround in Favorite Trapper’s digital journey. The result? A dramatic improvement in their online performance metrics. After the intervention, the company notched a twelvefold increase in phone calls, a twenty-onefold uptick in discovery searches, a thirteenfold leap in website clicks, and a tenfold boost in total actions.
This case study showcases the efficacy of our SEO services in enhancing online visibility, rectifying misleading information, and helping clients like Favorite Trapper dominate in their respective industries. Our mastermind digital marketers leveraged SEO tactics to ensure maximum visibility of the company’s website, and the results were impressive. Ranking for competitive keywords has improved significantly, and website traffic is steadily growing. This case study is yet another proof of how our SEO services come second to none when delivering what we promise.

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