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Making Waves in Digital Marketing: Freedom Pool Service’s SEO Transformation

Freedom Pool Service excels in providing top-notch pool maintenance services in Concord, NC. Their expertise lies in offering tailored solutions that fit the unique needs and budgets of their clients. Utilizing high-quality products and equipment, they ensure every pool they handle is maintained to the highest standards. Despite their commitment to excellence, Freedom Pool Service faced challenges in expanding their online visibility and reaching a broader audience. This is where they sought Olly Olly’s expertise in SEO and digital marketing.


Freedom Pool Service was dissatisfied with their previous provider’s services, primarily due to inadequate customer support and lackluster results. They sought a partner who could offer personalized attention and superior service. They chose Olly Olly, attracted by its reputation as a small, family-owned business known for exceptional customer care and effective digital strategies.


Olly Olly’s multifaceted approach to Freedom Pool Service kicked off with the launch of a new website, meticulously crafted to enhance user experience and SEO optimization. Following this, we focused on thorough website quality control, setting up local SEO reports using Brightlocal, and optimizing the Google Business Profile along with submitting initial citations.

Our strategy then evolved to develop city landing pages, targeting specific local markets for a more precise audience reach. We also updated phone numbers on the website and citations and added a Frequently Asked Questions page to proactively address customer queries. The strategy was further honed with a comprehensive competitor analysis, leading to customized recommendations. Throughout this journey, we maintained a close collaboration with the client, ensuring that every strategy was aligned with their goals and upheld their unique brand ethos.

Final Lap: Summarizing Freedom Pool Service’s Journey to Digital Triumph

Olly Olly’s comprehensive digital marketing services significantly boosted Freedom Pool Service’s online visibility and customer engagement. Our tailored strategies, from website development to local SEO optimization, have positioned them as a leading pool service provider in Concord, NC. This success story demonstrates Olly Olly’s proficiency in transforming our clients’ digital presence and market reach.

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