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Transforming G&R Professional Services’ Digital Footprint with Olly Olly

G&R Professional Services is a go-to electrical solutions provider based in Hammond, LA. With a decade-long track record, they specialize in a wide range of electrical services—from installing smart home systems to troubleshooting. Their mission? To go above and beyond, delivering unparalleled service that leaves every customer satisfied. Despite their expertise and local reputation, G&R’s digital presence was lagging. That’s where Olly Olly came in—to fuel their online growth and make them the top choice in their market.


G&R Professional Services faced a significant hurdle: their online presence wasn’t matching up to their in-field reputation. They were targeting a small town of 7,100 people and saw little to no digital results. This narrow focus limited their growth, especially as they sought to expand into Hammond, LA. They needed an SEO strategy that was as robust and reliable as their electrical services.


To supercharge G&R Professional Services’ online footprint, Olly Olly took a multi-pronged approach. First, we built a brand-new website, laser-focused on local SEO through key platforms like Google and Brightlocal. Next, we boosted G&R’s online visibility with strategic citation submissions. To capture local searches more effectively, we rolled out city-specific landing pages. Finally, we bolstered their online authority through targeted link-building campaigns. All along, we maintained a collaborative relationship with G&R to ensure our strategic moves aligned seamlessly with their business objectives.

Final Thoughts: Igniting G&R’s Digital Transformation Success

Our work with G&R Professional Services wasn’t just about ramping up metrics. It was about amplifying a brand that people could trust for all their electrical needs. The skyrocketing number of phone calls, clicks, and actions speak volumes. But what really counts? It’s the confidence and peace of mind we’ve instilled in both G&R and their satisfied customers.
Ready to make your brand the next success story? Let’s electrify your digital presence together. Get started with Olly Olly today!

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