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Transforming Goode Guy Construction’s Online Presence and SEO Ranking

Goode Guy Construction has been a hallmark of integrity and quality in Lincoln, NE, since 1992. With over 30 years of experience in home remodeling services, the company is devoted to offering remarkable transformations that cater to various needs, ranging from kitchen and bathroom remodels to home additions. Their commitment to high-quality work, fair and honest pricing, and outstanding customer service sets them apart in the industry. Yet, they found themselves grappling with an unimpressive online presence and a struggle to reach the first page of Google for their preferred services. This pushed them to seek the expertise of Olly Olly’s digital marketers to breathe new life into their website and SEO practices.

The Challenge

Goode Guy Construction was dissatisfied with their previous provider, failing to appear on Google’s top pages for key services like kitchen and bathroom remodels. Recognizing this as a roadblock to growth, they turned to Olly Olly for a solution. We weren’t just another agency to them; we were their route to revitalizing their online presence. They sought to leverage our expertise to not only reach Google’s first page but also convert their target audience into loyal customers. Eager to meet this challenge, we crafted a strategy to bring their 30+ years of quality work into the digital spotlight.

Our Strategy

Olly Olly’s engagement with Goode Guy Construction was never about simply meeting expectations; it was about surpassing them. Our strategy was meticulously crafted and began with reimagining their website, infusing it with a user experience that was intuitive yet engaging, professional, and personal. Google Business Profile Optimization and custom-tailored SEO practices were foundational elements, tailored to resonate with both search engines and the human searchers behind them. The journey was one of continuous growth, building upon each success with new insights and initiatives, from the strategic update of the website domain to a citation-building campaign that extended their reach.

We didn’t just create new city landing pages; we opened new digital doors, and pathways that led their audience through a story of who they were and what they could achieve. And our targeted link-building campaign was a tapestry, interwoven with threads that connected them to their community, their industry, and their future. This was a dynamic, evolving relationship, culminating in a comprehensive content analysis with actionable recommendations, guiding them towards not just growth but transformation.

This was our vision for Goode Guy Construction, a vision that went beyond metrics, clicks, and keywords. It was a vision of a digital presence as compelling, as crafted, and as distinctly them as the homes they so skillfully remodel.

Final Takeaway: A Transformation That Redefined Success

The transformation of Goode Guy Construction’s online presence is a vivid testament to Olly Olly’s dedication to excellence and innovation. The collaboration resulted in more than impressive numbers; it brought a radical change in how Goode Guy Construction connected with their clients in Lincoln, NE. The integration of strategic SEO, meticulous content crafting, and eye-catching designs led to exponential growth in key metrics.
Our work at Olly Olly with Goode Guy Construction wasn’t merely about providing a service; it was about understanding their vision, their values, and translating those into a digital presence that resonated with their audience. This case study exemplifies how tailored solutions and a commitment to results can lead to a transformative journey, empowering Goode Guy Construction to stand out in their industry and serve their clients with renewed vigor.

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