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Ivy Green Pest Control was formally established in 2018 by experts with more than ten years of combined expertise in the Roanoke, TX, area. Ivy Green Pest Control adheres to a strict procedure guaranteeing its client’s excellent outcomes and support. They’ll take on any problem, whether ants, rodents, or other pests. The company also offers post-treatment follow-up to guarantee your home is vermin-free.


Every SEO marketer has to be aware of Google’s algorithm modifications to adjust or develop new digital tactics. In some cases, it will take a major overhaul for some businesses to be agile and effective in digital marketing. Ivy Green Pest Control decided to partner with Olly Olly. After careful planning, we launched a new live website with technical optimization services, GBP optimization, local SEO setup, and conscious citation and backlink building effort.


Olly Olly has been live with Ivy Green Pest Control for six months. We’ve improved our rankings consistently month over month since March 2022. The client also ranked in the top spot on Google Search for 8 out of the ten major keywords thanks to this campaign, which also generated 466 phone calls, 729 website visits, 25.35k tracked search views, and six new citations.

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