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Elevating North East Pest Solutions’ Digital Presence with Olly Olly’s Expertise

North East Pest Solutions offers comprehensive pest control solutions in Harrison, ME. Founded by a Marine veteran with over eight years of industry experience, the company specializes in wildlife control and pest prevention services. They are not just a service provider but a community-oriented business that focuses on educating its clients and offering preventative measures. The company excels in customer service, offering personalized solutions at competitive prices. Despite their robust services and community involvement, they faced challenges in expanding their digital footprint and required specialized SEO services to grow online.


Before collaborating with Olly Olly, North East Pest Solutions was dissatisfied with their then-provider. Despite promises, this agency failed to improve their search engine rankings or deliver a high-quality website design, leading to poor online visibility. Unimpressed and eager for a change, North East Pest Solutions turned to Olly Olly. They were drawn by our strong reputation for effective SEO practices and our commitment to understanding and supporting a client’s long-term vision for growth.


Olly Olly crafted a comprehensive strategy to elevate North East Pest Solutions’ digital profile, beginning with the development of a user-friendly, SEO-optimized website. Simultaneously, we fine-tuned their Google Business Profile and implemented local SEO strategies. To further enhance online credibility, we initiated a robust citation-building campaign, followed by the addition of city-specific landing pages for localized reach. Our strategic link-building efforts aimed to strengthen domain authority, while a thorough content review ensured all material was up-to-date and effective. Throughout this journey, the client played an integral role in key decisions, ensuring our efforts were in perfect alignment with their business goals.

The Real-World Impact of Our Digital Prowess

The tailored SEO and digital marketing strategies deployed by Olly Olly led to outstanding growth in key performance indicators for North East Pest Solutions. The interventions resulted in a 20-fold increase in phone calls, an astonishing 176-fold rise in website clicks, and significant improvements in other critical metrics.

Our data-driven strategies, including localized SEO, targeted link-building, and a focus on quality content, have empowered North East Pest Solutions to dominate their local market. This case study demonstrates that when it comes to boosting online visibility and customer engagement, Olly Olly’s comprehensive digital marketing services deliver unparalleled results.

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