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A Local Powerhouse in Exterior Home Care

Revive Exterior Home Care takes pride in offering top-notch exterior cleaning services in Davison, MI. Committed to treating every home like their own, the company excels in soft washing, pressure washing, patio cleaning, and more. The owner understands the essence of home care and delivers professionalism, quality, and open communication at a fair price. Although reputable locally, the company faced online visibility challenges and decided it was time to step up their digital game.


Revive Exterior Home Care was grappling with a few issues before joining hands with Olly Olly. Their existing service provider, Housecall Pro, wasn’t delivering in the SEO department, hindering local visibility. They sought to seamlessly integrate their scheduling system into a new website focused on attracting customers in the Davison, MI area. There was a desire to control the visual content by adding personal videos, while also being conscious of the owner’s limited time availability.


Our strategic roadmap for Revive Exterior Home Care was a dynamic, multi-faceted approach that started with a brand-new, SEO-optimized website. We quickly followed this up with Google Business Profile enhancements and initial citation submissions for local credibility. To target specific areas, we incorporated city-specific landing pages and ramped up our link-building efforts. Along the journey, we consistently analyzed content strategy, made timely keyword updates, and introduced new service pages. In addition to regular site monitoring, we rounded out our strategy with a thorough technical site audit and the creation of an informative FAQs page.

The Real-World Impact of Our Digital Prowess

Our collaboration with Revive Exterior Home Care not only redefined their online presence but also brought in impressive and tangible results. With a 16-fold surge in phone calls, 12-fold increase in website clicks, and other key metric improvements, we demonstrated that our SEO strategies can drive remarkable change. Ready to amplify your online presence just like Revive Exterior Home Care? Schedule an appointment today and let Olly Olly make it happen for you!

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