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Exterior sun control product company
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  • 56%

    Decreased cost per conversion

  • 34%

    Reduced average Cost per Click

  • 20%

    Improved conversion rate

Our client is a major player in the exterior sun control products industry, having one of the largest retail manufacturing facilities in the Southwest United States, with locations offering sales, design, service, and repair covering a vast regional expanse. Previous experiences with digital marketing agencies left the client unsatisfied, prompting them to manage their Google Ads independently. However, this approach proved challenging, and they partnered with our agency in December 2022, hoping to refine their SEO and PPC strategies, targeting high-converting keywords, and achieving a strong ROI.


Navigating the complexities of our campaign, we encountered a series of challenges that demanded our strategic focus and agile response. A central concern was budget management, a delicate balancing act that required us to safeguard against overspending while maintaining a robust ROI. The responsibility to ensure efficient use of the investment was paramount, adding a layer of intricacy to our tasks.

Simultaneously, we found ourselves up against the rising competition for high-converting keywords within our targeted locations. This reality called for a creative and tenacious approach to secure our foothold in the market and uphold our campaign’s success.

Further complicating matters was the sheer complexity of the campaign itself. The allocation of a high budget resulted in an abundance of ad groups, keywords, and targeting options. This scenario underscored the need for meticulous management and optimization, propelling us to refine our strategies and stay ahead of the curve.


With a keen focus on resonating with the ideal audience, our digital marketing team developed a comprehensive geo-targeting strategy. This involved an in-depth analysis of zip codes and the careful selection of location-specific keywords that spoke to our client’s primary service areas. Capitalizing on top-performing keywords, we harnessed the power of strategic bid optimizations to amplify their potential, making a remarkable ROI impact.

Cost Conversion Month

The top chart provides a clear visualization of the cost per conversion over a span of several months. As we progress through the timeline, there is a notable downward trend, signifying a commendable decrease in the cost per conversion by 56%. This decline suggests enhanced efficiency in our conversion strategies and potentially a more optimized advertising spend.

The chart below illustrates the monthly evolution of the number of leads acquired. An upward trajectory is evident, denoting a significant improvement in the conversion rate by 20%. The data underscores the efficacy of our lead generation methods, indicating that our outreach and engagement efforts have been increasingly fruitful over the months.

Leads month

Our creative endeavor didn’t stop there. We refined the quality and appeal of our ads through the integration of ad extensions, a move that not only embellished our ads but also offered an expanded view of our client’s diverse services.

Our commitment to campaign effectiveness led us to install call tracking and conversion tracking, a strategic maneuver that boosted our ability to measure click effectiveness and subsequently bolster campaign ROI. This ensured a more calculated budget utilization, driving valuable customer interactions.

We further tailored the user experience by developing location-specific landing pages, heightening campaign relevance, personalization, and tracking. This strategy nurtured more effective targeting and brought about a significant enhancement in campaign performance.

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