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Prioritizing Quality over Quantity

Table Rock Seamless Guttering is a dedicated gutter company that serves commercial and residential clients in Galena, MO. With more than a decade of experience, they prioritize quality over quantity, ensuring that each project is executed to the highest standards. Their extensive services range from gutter guard installations to fascia and soffit installations. Despite their hands-on approach and strong commitment to quality, Table Rock Seamless Guttering needed to amplify their digital presence and sought Olly Olly’s SEO services for strategic improvement.


Before partnering with Olly Olly, Table Rock Seamless Guttering encountered multiple challenges with their digital marketing efforts. Their previous provider was costly yet ineffective, contributing backlinks and domain ratings that were not credible. Consequently, the company struggled to appear in relevant search results, particularly because their service areas were not highlighted effectively. This led to limited visibility and an overall underutilization of their online platforms.


To elevate Table Rock Seamless Guttering’s digital footprint, Olly Olly first rolled out an SEO-optimized, user-friendly website that’s as visually appealing as it is functional. We followed this up by implementing continuous performance monitoring through Local SEO Reports. Recognizing the value of local visibility, we optimized the client’s Google Business Profile and initiated a citation-building campaign to enhance credibility. To cast a wider net in the local market, we designed specialized city landing pages, which we later expanded upon. Our team also orchestrated a focused link-building campaign to bolster domain authority and crafted a content strategy that was custom-tailored to showcase the company’s unique services and resonate with industry trends.

The Real-World Impact of Our Digital Prowess

Olly Olly’s strategic and dynamic digital marketing services yielded dramatic improvements for Table Rock Seamless Guttering. The client enjoyed a 30-fold increase in phone calls, a 53-fold boost in website clicks, a 15-fold growth in total searches, and a 60-fold rise in GBP actions. These numbers not only validate the efficacy of our comprehensive approach but also underline the importance of quality SEO services.
Our multi-faceted SEO services, which incorporate optimized content strategy, targeted link-building, and local SEO techniques, have enabled Table Rock Seamless Guttering to dominate in their specific industry. This case study reiterates that when it comes to enhancing online visibility and performance, Olly Olly’s digital marketing services are second to none.

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