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Since 2005, The Water Doctor has given customers top-notch water solutions. The business goes above and beyond to guarantee that its clients receive the greatest outcome. You can count on their team to give you trustworthy and honest services because they are well trained and educated in the field. The owner was committed to his profession since he was a technician for well-known businesses in the San Antonio, TX area. He became an installer after displaying continuous success. When he understood that getting a qualified expert for installations was the most difficult challenge businesses faced, he believed he could provide his clients the immediate answers. Without compromising on craftsmanship, he intended to provide customers a high-quality product at a lower cost.


Businesses may use SEO methods to boost website traffic, but results may not appear for several months. These tactics require a number of variables, including page authority, site UX, content quantity and quality, all of which take time to build. When The Water Doctor understood this concept, they decided to partner with us. We immediately crafted a plan centered around a new SEO site, reputation management, GBP, and citations.


For eight months, The Water Doctor has shared a home with Olly Olly. We have consistently improved our ranks month over month since January 2022. This campaign generated 19 new citations, 369 website visits, and 16.39k monitored search views. It’s also crucial to note that this client’s results have improved going from 30% of keywords in the top 5, to 50%, and will likely continue to do so in the future months thanks to content tactics and further citation submissions.

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