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Tomlinson Outdoor Washing offers top-notch washing services in the Leesburg, GA, area. Aaron, the owner of the company, brings two decades of industry experience to the table. His extensive knowledge encompasses the full spectrum of building development, property care, and maintenance, allowing him to deeply understand and effectively address these aspects in his business operations. Once you experience their services, you will quickly recognize that the quality of work provided by Olly Olly distinguishes them from the competition. Their commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that clients can depend on their team to deliver results. A team that can provide professionalism, open communication, timeliness, quality, and a reasonable price.


Boosting a company’s ranking for relevant keywords on search engines can be a lengthy and demanding process, often taking months or even years to achieve. This task can be particularly challenging without the appropriate expertise and training. This is where our team at Olly Olly steps in to provide a solution.

When Tomlinson Outdoor Washing chose to collaborate with us, we immediately set to work developing a tailored SEO strategy. Our comprehensive plan included the creation of a brand new SEO-focused website, utilizing Google Business Profile (GBP) and citations. By working with us, Tomlinson Outdoor Washing began their journey towards better visibility on search engines, guided by our expertise.


Tomlinson Outdoor Washing has been live with Olly Olly since February 2022, with consistent improvement from 50% results in the #1 position to 93%, still in the #1 position. Couple this feat with 4,400 searches, mostly on Google Search, and 15 new citations. Overall, we are also prioritizing further optimization in Google Maps and citations that can increase views and local searches.

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