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  • John Kennedy
  • February 28, 2018
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5 Engaging Social Media Content Ideas for Beauty Salons

Beauty salons can get great results from marketing on social media if they post the right content. It’s a great way to establish your brand image in your local community, connect with and engage your current customers, and spread awareness about your salon. Whether you’re considering marketing on social media or already on it and looking for new content ideas, look no further; here are 5 content ideas to help create an effective social media presence for beauty salons!

1. Before-and-After Photos

This may be obvious to some, but you can never go wrong posting photos of work you’ve done on customers. Before-and-after photos of a customer getting their hair done are eye-catching and show the talent of your stylists. Facebook is a great place to put these photos because the customer will oftentimes share the picture on their profile and your work will be exposed to their friend list as well. If you do hair and nail styles for events like weddings, proms, and holidays, you can get photos of your work seen easily on Instagram by using hashtags.

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2. Exclusive Contests

By running social media exclusive contests you can get more business and more engagement on your accounts by encouraging sharing. Post the rules to your contest, for example: “Post a picture of your haircut with the hashtag #YourSalonName and tag @YourSalonName to receive a 20% discount on your next haircut!” Contests like these build loyalty with your regular customers and expose your brand to a larger audience.

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3. Promo Deals

Social media is a great tool for advertising promotional deals. Post about a discount special or run an advertisement. Both Facebook and Instagram have effective audience targeting features for advertising, so you can get your message out to people in the local area or, even more specifically, to people in your area who follow the brands that you carry in your salon.

beauty salons promo deals

4. Showcase Employees

Your stylists are the reason your customers keep coming back! Throw up an appreciation post every once in a while or welcome a new employee with a social media post. You can now post multiple photos on one Instagram post, so you can include a few images of the spotlighted stylist’s work after a picture of them. Consider captioning the picture with a fun quote from the employee; posts that show the inside of your business and the people who make it what it is work to communicate your brand’s personality and that’s what sets you apart from competitors who offer the same services.

5. Fun Content

Not every post should be entirely business related. Again, one of the most effective purposes of social media for businesses is to communicate a brand image. You can post anything that your customer base would find interesting and engaging, whether it be local news, a famous quote, or a picture of the bird’s nest sitting on top of your salon’s sign. Use social media to show people what makes your salon unique and you’ll see much more engagement than you would sticking to strictly-business style content.


Social media success is all about building upon what people already know about your beauty salons. Once you get into the swing of a consistent social media post schedule, you’ll notice that your business is becoming more of a brand and people are talking about it more than they ever did in the past. Use these post ideas as inspiration for ways that you can engage and connect with your customers! If you’re interested in the idea of hiring a marketing agency to construct and manage an effective social media strategy for your salon, feel free to give us a call or visit our website for more information.

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